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  • With the upper swapped onto a Colt M4 lower, 6.8 SPC is con-out to 600 yards using trollable in full-auto, though it requires a good stance and grip. the 3.5X Trijicon ACOG scope. AR-15 uppers and complete rifles are available from many sources.
6.8mm SPC II 16 Rifle Kit This rifle Kit has been Head spaced to the bolt and comes pre assembled. The only assembly required is to install the lower receiver parts into your stripped lower, attatch the upper and this is a complete 6.8mm SPC rifle.

Also available as .308 stripped upper / 80% lower matched sets 5D Tactical prides itself on having custom AR-308 upper receivers that are unique to the product line we carry. If you need a specific AR-308 upper receiver like the Billet AR-308 Stripped Upper and 80% Lower Matched Set or the Billet AR-308 Stripper Upper Receivers , we have .308 ...

Fires beautifully. There was no changes needed in the construction/finishing of my 80% lower. Since my AR-15 _5.56 and my AR-15_6.8 SPC look so much alike I placed special markings on the 6.8 SPC to make sure I do not get them confused and try to send the wrong caliber ammo through either one.
  • EAGLE ARMS EA15 STRIPPED LOWER RECEIVER. $69.99 EA. M-15™ 16” TACTICAL RIFLE. $1,599.00 EA GET IN TOUCH. 525 E Pinnacle Peak Rd Ste 100 Phoenix, AZ 85024 Sales ...
  • Sep 09, 2008 · The .243 should fit the .223 lower. Only the .308 takes a different platform. The 6.8 will work fine for white tails, so will the 6.5. The 6.8 was designed to be belt fed, good to 200 yds, after that the 6.5 shines, taking out milk jugs at 800 yds.
  • Other Specifications and Features of the C-6.8 Stripped Lower Receiver: Machined from 7075-T6 aircraft grade billet aluminum Matte black hard-coat anodized per Mil 8625 Type 3 Class 2 Precision broached magazine well with beveled feed lips

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    Jul 26, 2014 · If you say 6.8 SPC, I can say .270 Winchester, or .270 magnum, or whatever. If you say .300 BLK, I can say 7.62x51, whether it be out of a Remington 700 bolt action or an AR-10 semi-auto. In either case, it's the same bullet, but with more case length, and therefore more powder, and therefore a lot more speed.

    6.8 spc ii The 6.8 SPC (6.8x43mm) was initially developed by MSG Steve Holland and Chris Murray a United States Army Marksmanship Unit gunsmith to offer superior downrange lethality over the 5.56 NATO/.223 Remington in an AR pattern service rifle with minimal loss of magazine capacity and a negligible increase in recoil.

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    Obviously though, the 6.8 SPC cartridge is not a legal cartridge for deer when shot from a rifle. I examined the handgun rule and concluded that if I were to assemble an AR 15 pistol lower, that I could simply pin my 6.8 SPC II upper to it and be perfectly legal. The 6.8 SPC uses a .277 caliber bullet, and the case is greater than 1.16 inches.

    RRA LAR-6.8 Forged Lower Receiver, Stripped Stamped 6.8 SPC Item must ship to an FFL dealer. Must be 21 to purchase. Please have your dealer E-mail or fax a copy of their license, including your name and order number, to us at [email protected] or fax to 636-547-2618.

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    Lower Build Kit; Stripped Lower; Home; AR-15 & LR-308 Upper Build Kits; 6.8 SPC (Ar-15) 6.8 SPC (Ar-15) Browse by Price. $0 - $24.99; $25 - $49.99; $50 - $149.99 ...

    r guns lower 6.8 spc complete no stock black imi cg1 grip and magpul trigger guard black $170.00 R GUNS LOWER 6.8 SPC COMPLETE NO STOCK BLACK MAGPUL MOE GRIP BLACK

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    The best 6.8 SPC uppers will fit any mil-spec AR-15 lower with zero problems. Besides that, here are a few features to look out for on a stripped-down upper and a few of the choices of great uppers. First, decide whether you're going full-featured or lightweight.

    Aero Precision manufacturers mil-spec parts and accessories, including AR15 & AR10 uppers, lowers, rifles, handguards, barrels, scope mounts and more.

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    6.8 Bolt Assembly - The Bolt assembly includes: AR15 Bolt (6.8 SPC)Bolt Gas KeyExtractorEjectorExtractor PinEjector Roll PinEjector SpringExtractor Sp

    6.8 SPC ll; 9mm Cabine; AR47 7.62X39; ... Anderson Stripped Lower Receiver Striped Lower Receiver Our Price: $99.95 (1) 223 Wylde 18" 3-Gun Rifle Upper Receiver

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    COMPLETE LOWERS. AM-10 Complete Lower; AM-15; AM-9 Complete Lower; STRIPPED LOWERS. AM-10 Stripped Lower; AM-15 Stripped Lower; AM-9 Stripped Lower; 80% Lowers; UPPER RECEIVERS. COMPLETE UPPERS. M-LOK Including Bolt Carrier Group; M-LOK DOES NOT INCLUDE BOLT CARRIER GROUP; AM10 COMPLETE UPPERS; RF85; AM-15, Complete Upper, A2; AM-10 Complete ...

    Lower Build Kit; Stripped Lower; ... 6.8 SPC; 6.8 SPC. Manufacturer Browse by Price. $0 - $24.99; $25 - $49.99; $50 - $149.99; $150 - $499.99; $500 - $1k; Sort by ...

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    BUSHMASTER PRE BAN M4A2 6.8 SPC CALIBER 16" BARREL. OUT OF STOCK (0) Savage 15 RECON LRP 6.8SPC 18. OUT OF STOCK (1) Daniel Defense 04093 DDM4 Ambush Semi-Automatic 6 ...

    I Googled it at least 20 times. Everyone seems to have a different opinion. Some prefer the compact design and rapid-fire potential of the AR-15. Others leaned toward the power and range of the .30-06 and .308s. Those who’ve hunted with a good 6.8 spc were passionate about the caliber’s performance.

The DFM™ is designed to be used with a magazine catch. This prevents the tabs from resting on the lower receiver. If the magazine is allowed to reside below the magazine catch, the tabs may mark the lower receiver. In addition, the feed lips of the DFM™ will likely sit too low for proper functioning.
The 6.8 SPC was designed to address the deficiencies of the terminal performance of the 5.56 NATO cartridge currently in service with the U.S. Armed Forces. The 6.8 mm Remington uses bullets of 0.277 inches, which is the same caliber as the venerable.270 Winchester, although the ballistics of the two cartridges are wildly different.
LWRC International’s Six8/.224 Valkyrie Build Kit is designed for those that want to build a direct impingement rifle chambered in 6.8 SPC II, 224 Valkyrie, 6.5 Grendel, or any wildcat round with a 6.8mm parent case. The kit includes an upper and lower receiver set as well as a Six8 DI Bolt Carrier Group.
PSA "Nutcracker-15" AR-15 Stripped Lower Receiver - Preorder Item - Ships in 2-3 Weeks . $99.99. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. PSA AR-15 "Stealth" Stripped Lower Receiver . Rating: 96%. $104.99. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. PSA AR-15 Lower Safe/Fire - 1728 ...