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  • PandoList: Stanford CS Student Jaehyun Park On Programming And Pianos. Stanford CS 193P iPhone Application Development All videos are on iTunesU (including English subtitles)
Previously, I obtained my PhD from Stanford, working with Serafim Batzoglou, Michael Snyder, Christopher Re, and Percy Liang. In 2012-2013, I spent a year off at Moleculo, where I developed algorithms that now power Illumina's genome phasing service.

PandoList: Stanford CS Student Jaehyun Park On Programming And Pianos. Stanford CS 193P iPhone Application Development All videos are on iTunesU (including English subtitles)

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    Course Description. This class introduces the basic facilities provided by modern operating systems. The course divides into three major sections.

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    Lecture videos from the Fall 2018 offering of CS 230.

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    Stanford University CS231n: Convolutional Neural Networks for ...

    Slides from previous lecture include this lecture Testing [slides, source] Concurrency [slides, source] Phantoms [slides, source] Memory [slides, source] Language extensions [slides, source] Generic programming [slides, source] Monads and more [slides, source] Pipes [slides, source] Parsing and monads [slides, source]

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    Stanford University CS231n: Convolutional Neural Networks for ...

    《CS224W: Machine Learning with Graphs(Sanford / Fall 2019)》. by Jure Leskovec. You can access slides and project reports of previous versions of the course on our archived websites Lecture slides will be posted here shortly before each lecture. If you wish to view slides further in...

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    At Stanford, CS courses with code number above 199 are graduate courses. It means that almost all AI CS234: Reinforcement Learning. See course materials. It's surprising that Stanford didn't have a real RL Mykel is the only CS professor I know who does freestyle teaching. He doesn't use slides.

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    Class list: [email protected] Staff list: Lab submission: cs240h lab submission Recommended background: Real World Haskell, by O'Sullivan, Stewart, and Goerzen. For help, please post on Piazza as then the whole class can benefit from your question.

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Philosophy should be engaged and applied, addressing questions as they arise in the real world and within the practices of other disciplines. That tradition in Stanford Philosophy is reflected in our collaboration with a wide range of interdisciplinary programs.